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We’ve seen a lot of Thanksgiving sweaters for women, and sweatshirts for men. But an actual legit Thanksgiving sweater? For men? Those are pretty rare, so you should grab them when you can. Men’s Turkey Training Ugly Funny Thanksgiving Sweater Navy This sweater is available in sizes up to 4XL, which is pretty amazing as […]

Hey football lovers: Have you seen these 2014 official NFL Ugly Christmas sweaters yet? Who is your favorite? We’ve already picked out ours! #GoPackGo!

We’ve seen our share of unusual sweaters pass through the shop, from space sweaters to Beavis & Butthead cats to sweaters celebrating taxi cabs. We’ve even had our share of odd patriotic sweaters.  But this 9-11 sweater we just got in the shop is a new one for us: What is the strangest thing YOU […]

Come check out our Pinterest board of ugly sweaters for 4th of July that you can buy right now.  Because when it is 90 degrees outside, you really want to wear an ugly sweater.  Right? Pssst… need a Pinterest invite? Email us at and we’ll hook you up.

Are you a hardcore fan of the film The Big Lebowski, planning on hitting up Lebowskifest this year? Just want to look cool munching on your In-N-Out chased with a White Russian? Well, you can go to eBay to drop some cash on an actual Cowichan Sweater. OR you could go to and get […]

Looking for Easter fug?  Click on the image below to check out a great Pinterest board showcasing over 50 ugly Easter sweaters you can buy right now–from all over the web:

Need something hideous to wear on St Patrick’s Day? We’ve pinned a whole bunch of fug from all over the web on our St Patrick’s Day Ugly Sweater board on Pinterest–and it’s all for sale. Check it out!

In addition to our fabulous V-Day sweaters in stock, we have a great Pinterest board showcasing over 160 ugly Valentines sweaters you can buy right now–from all over the web!

Note: This is an old post.  Are you looking for Ugly Sweaters for Halloween 2013? It’s getting spooky out there! This is the time of year we usually blog about our ugly Halloween sweaters for sale in our shop, but you’ve beat us to it–as of October 1 we’ve sold out of all our Halloween […]

In addition to the fugly 4th of July sweaters we have in the shop, we scoured the web to bring you this collection of ugly Independence Day sweaters. Enjoy! The Patriotic Snowman UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER size M/L Vintage White Anchor Star Sweater Vest – 4th of July Festive red, blue, and white fourth of July […]

Update 3/2012:  Still looking for an Easter sweater? The below sweaters were found online in 2011, but if you want some fug you can buy today, check out Over 50 Ugly Easter Sweaters on Pinterest you can buy right now. In addition to the 20 truly fugly sweaters we posted for you a few weeks […]

Update 3/2012:  Still looking for an Easter sweater? The below sweaters were found online in 2011, but if you want some fug you can buy today, check out Over 50 Ugly Easter Sweaters on Pinterest you can buy right now. Since we are sold out of Easter sweaters in our shop, we thought we’d do […]

If you can’t find the perfect ugly sweater for Valentine’s Day in our store, why not check eBay?! Here are some of the fuglier selections we came across in a brief search today

We’d like to know just who was sporting this beauty today? Click here to see the rest: 6 Best Thanksgiving Sweaters Found On Ebay – Lists – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And even more Thanksgiving fug from around the web: THIS bedazzled turkey is via Cafe Mom: as is this guy: and this beauty: […]

Marisa Christina CIRCUS Ringmaster Clown Sweater on eBay (click to buy) Even though I know that really isn’t a skunk with a raccoon tail humping his leg, ever since Poltergeist, clowns have scared me.  The movie It didn’t help any, either. This shot is just the BACK of the sweater.  Click that link up there […]

DESIGN OPTIONS EASTER BUNNY Sweater XL Exc Cond – eBay auction, ends Mar-23-10 19:50:29 PDT). Certain to give any small child nightmares.

Design Options CHICKY DOODLE Easter sweater S,M,L,XL S  on eBay $110 (click to buy) Look!  A peep sweater!  I wonder what happens if you put it in the microwave…

Courtesy of Wikipedia: Knitters use the term Sweater Curse or the Curse of the Love Sweater to describe a situation in which a knitter gives a hand-knit sweater to a significant other, who quickly breaks up with the knitter. In an alternative formulation, the relationship will end before the sweater is even completed. The belief […]

We searched far and wide for some fine looking Indy or Saints sweaters, but came up short. Many websites would advertise sweaters, but once you got there, you found it was just your everyday average sweatshirt. Which everyone has. Big deal. A few sites have ugly generic sweaters with a tiny logo on the chest. […]

From Happy Seamstress » Blog Archive » The Nerdiest Sweater Vest in the World: Knitting stitches are basically pixels, right? I took that idea to the extreme, and converted a screenshot of Level 1-1 from the original NES Mario Bros. game into a ginormous knitting chart made up of over 10 sheets of tabloid paper […]

Cue the choirs of angels for this next one: After seeing this PBR sweater on Twitter today, I did some research and came across the source: AJ Fosik’s awesome beer sweater collection on Flickr.  Although AJ is not parting with any of these beauties, comments on one of the pics point to eBay where one […]