Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Big & Tall Men (updated for 2015)

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Update for 2015:

While the suggestions below were great ones a few years back when the selection of big & tall men’s Christmas sweaters was almost nonexistent, the good news is companies finally stepped up to the plate and offer some hideous ugly Christmas sweaters in big & tall sizes.

Festified has some great ugly Christmas sweaters, many in sizes up to 4XL.
King Size has some ugly Christmas sweatshirts in sizes up to 8XL.
Star Wars fans will dig this ugly Christmas sweatshirt, available in sizes up to 4XL.

Kohl’s Big & Tall section has a few Christmas options (although it is not very clear if these are really sweaters or if they are sweatshirts)

JC Penney has exactly two big & tall Christmas sweaters at the time of writing this, and neither one is that special.  But the traditional reindeer one is technically a Christmas sweater and does go up to a size 4XL.

If you don’t spot something you like from those shops, feel free to keep on reading for some other options below:

Are you a bigger guy looking for an ugly Christmas sweater?

Option 1: Consider a plus size women’s vest!

Snowmen Popping Out of Stockings Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest - New!Vests leave lots of room for your big manly shoulders and long arms.  A button up or zip front vest can be worn open if it is too snug.  And you can pair it up with a crazy turtleneck or if you don’t want to get too warm, a totally clashing t-shirt!

To find the perfect size, measure a shirt or sweater that fits you well, and then compare it to the measurements in the item description.  We measure across the chest from underarm seam to underarm seam, then double that number.  (If there are a range of numbers listed, that means the item is stretchy!) Length is measured down the middle of the back.

Snowmen Popping Out of Stockings Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest - New!Body measurements are different than clothing measurements, so if you know your own body measurements and prefer to compare via that route, be sure to add a few inches to be comfortable.

No time to measure?  A good rule of thumb is a woman’s size is roughly one less than a man’s size.  A Woman’s Large might fit a man who wears a Medium, and a Woman’s 4X might fit a man who wears 3XL.

Vests are usually even more generously cut, and as you get into the plus sizes (1X, 2X, 3X) you might find the sizes to correspond almost equally with men’s sizing.

Click here to shop our women’s plus size section and find the perfect vest for you!

Option 2: Make your own ugly Christmas sweater!

One of the benefits of the recent popularity in ugly Christmas sweaters are the do-it-yourself (or DIY) ugly sweater kits popping up. The beauty of these kits is: even though it comes with a plain sweater to work on, you can use ANY sweater you already have and make it an ugly Christmas sweater.

Or if you are really creative, how about skipping the kit and crafting it up on your own? Here are some ideas:

How A Guy Makes A Christmas Sweater (this guy is making a “jingle balls” sweater)

More crafty DIY Christmas sweater ideas, including a use for some Christmas ties (courtesy of The Today Show and Pinterest)

26 more good (and not so good) DIY ugly Christmas sweater inspirations

If you get crafty and make your own sweater, share it with us on our Facebook page!

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