ugly thanksgiving sweater in men's sizes up to 4XL
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Awesome Ugly Thanksgiving Sweater (+ Big/Tall Sizes up to 4XL!)

We’ve seen a lot of Thanksgiving sweaters for women, and sweatshirts for men. But an actual legit Thanksgiving sweater? For men? Those are pretty rare, so you should grab them when you can. Men’s Turkey Training Ugly Funny Thanksgiving Sweater Navy This sweater is available in sizes up to 4XL, which is pretty amazing as […]

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Ugly sweaters for USA Independence Day (4th of July) on Pinterest

Come check out our Pinterest board of ugly sweaters for 4th of July that you can buy right now.  Because when it is 90 degrees outside, you really want to wear an ugly sweater.  Right? Pssst… need a Pinterest invite? Email us at and we’ll hook you up.

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12 Halloween Sweaters You Can Buy Right Now (plus 2 for your pooch)

Note: This is an old post.  Are you looking for Ugly Sweaters for Halloween 2013? It’s getting spooky out there! This is the time of year we usually blog about our ugly Halloween sweaters for sale in our shop, but you’ve beat us to it–as of October 1 we’ve sold out of all our Halloween […]

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6 Best Thanksgiving Sweaters Found On Ebay (via Jimmy Fallon) + bonus fug via Cafe Mom

We’d like to know just who was sporting this beauty today? Click here to see the rest: 6 Best Thanksgiving Sweaters Found On Ebay – Lists – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And even more Thanksgiving fug from around the web: THIS bedazzled turkey is via Cafe Mom: as is this guy: and this beauty: […]

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Superbowl sweaters

We searched far and wide for some fine looking Indy or Saints sweaters, but came up short. Many websites would advertise sweaters, but once you got there, you found it was just your everyday average sweatshirt. Which everyone has. Big deal. A few sites have ugly generic sweaters with a tiny logo on the chest. […]