ugly thanksgiving sweater in men's sizes up to 4XL
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Awesome Ugly Thanksgiving Sweater (+ Big/Tall Sizes up to 4XL!)

We’ve seen a lot of Thanksgiving sweaters for women, and sweatshirts for men. But an actual legit Thanksgiving sweater? For men? Those are pretty rare, so you should grab them when you can. Men’s Turkey Training Ugly Funny Thanksgiving Sweater Navy This sweater is available in sizes up to 4XL, which is pretty amazing as […]

NFL Football Ugly Christmas Sweaters Superbowl Edition
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Ugly Sweater Superbowl Showdown – New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

Who has the uglier sweater?  Seattle Seahawks, with their bold lime green and blue colors: Seattle Seahawks Ugly Sweater Or this holiday-themed Richard Sherman ugly Christmas sweatshirt: Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt and a bold Russell Wilson ugly sweater: Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Ugly Sweater Or do you prefer the New England Patriots, […]

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Ugly sweaters for USA Independence Day (4th of July) on Pinterest

Come check out our Pinterest board of ugly sweaters for 4th of July that you can buy right now.  Because when it is 90 degrees outside, you really want to wear an ugly sweater.  Right? Pssst… need a Pinterest invite? Email us at and we’ll hook you up.

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Inspired by Desaturated Santa — A Monochrome Christmas

Have you spotted the pics of Desaturated Santa yet this year? This isn’t Photoshop, Brody Qat very carefully selected her attire and body pant to make it look like that way in real life. Pretty awesome! We have some black & white Christmas and ugly sweaters if you are feeling monochromatic this holiday season.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Update:  This is an old blog post from 2011.  Are you looking for ugly Christmas sweaters now?  Check out our Christmas Sweater category! __ We’ve decked the store with over 100 Christmas sweaters in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes to get you in a festive mood! Here are a few of our favorites available right […]

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We like: Vintage Sweater Patterns from The Retro Knitting Company

While researching some of our vintage ski sweaters, we came across this GREAT site for vintage knitting patterns: The Retro Knitting Company. Some of our faves: Click here to see all Men’s sweater patterns from The Retro Knitting Company …and those were just the guys’ sweaters!  Check out this fab women’s sweater pattern from the […]